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Are you living your best life? The life you were meant to live? Or are you living day by day feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unbalanced thinking there must be more to life than this?

Many of us reach stages or points in our lives that leave us feeling unfulfilled or uncertain about the future. We face situations that challenge us and make us question our purpose and path forward. Trish Bowie’s Divine Compassion is here to help. Through her one-on-one growth coaching, or her group & corporate workshops and retreats. Trish will guide and support you in discovering your best life and how to live it. Trish uses both practical and spiritual approaches that will open up your mind and heart to the answers within. Daunting tasks will become manageable, stress and pressure will dissipate, and your path forward will become clear.

Spending a few minutes with Trish and you will quickly see her wisdom, compassion and unconditional love. Her hands are warm, and healing and she can leave you with a sense that all will be ok. Trish puts all her faith in the Divine. She understands that in order to free your self from pain and burden you need to be responsible, accountable and most of all you need to allow the Divine to step in. Trish will be so happy to guide you to a place of peace and healing through her two-day event, Divine Compassion. If you are ready to invite Divine Compassion into your life, click below to contact Trish Bowie, certified and licenced personal growth and success coach.

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

Who is Trish Bowie?

A bit of information about Trish. Born in Alberta, Canada in 1956. Trish started to experience loss at a very young age. By the time she was 8 she had no grandparents. Her father died when she was 13. A young man that she had just started dating was killed in a car crash . She married at the age of 19 and had two children, a son and a daughter .By the time she was 24 her husband haddrowned in their yard. It wasn't long after she came to learn that her rst boyfriend had also died. Trish truly feared to love again. It seemed every man she loved died. She fell in love and married 5 years later always wondering, always fearing that this man would also pass. She gave birth to his child, a son. As the years went on, she suppressed her pain and sadness . Surgery after surgery with illness and more illness. It seemed like there was more and more hardship as her body continued to break down. She became allergic to most drugs and had to nd ways to self heal. Through all of this, Trish created a very strong bond with the Divine. Trish became stronger and healthier . All she could think about was what a miracle it was that she was still alive and that she felt many years younger. Trish's life changed drastically and she no longer feared the men in her life dying. Trish still has many painful challenges in other areas of her life but is able to quickly rise above each and every one of them. This is due to her faith and the ability to allow the Divine to step in. Trish is passionate about sharing her ability to heal with others, to love unconditionally , to have the ability to forgive, and to have a close relationship with the Divine.


Trish Bowie of Divine Compassion offers private sessions for your convenience.
Private sessions are offered on the telephone, zoom, distance healing sessions are also available.

One (1) Hour Private Sessions - $100
Thirty (30) Minute Private Sessions - $100
Four (4) Distance Healing Sessions - $200


Trish Bowie and Divine Compassion offer premium products for your convenience.
Our products are made with divine love and energy.

Divine Rose Water Spray - $30
Divine Essential Oil - $??
Divine Bath Salts - $??
Rose Quartz Heart Infused with Divine Energy - $??
DIVINE PACKAGE (includes all of the above) - $??

How Do I Bégin My Journéy?


Trish Bowie can be contacted by phone at +1.403.304.6090 or by email with the form below.