Who is Trish Bowie?

Trish Bowie is a dynamic, genuine, growth-oriented certified & licensed coach and facilitator who has found purpose and fulfillment in helping others.

Having experienced deep loss at a very young age and throughout most of her life, Trish struggled emotionally, spiritually, and physically for many years, fearing that all the males she loved would be taken from her through loss. Through her own personal growth, faith, and connection to the Divine, Trish was able to overcome her challenges and fears of the future and is now living a life of deep purpose and inner peace. Trish is passionate about sharing her story and healing with others. Trish is gifted in her ability to show compassion and unconditional love while encouraging growth and healing from within. Trish’s positive outlook and faith in the Divine, along with her skills, training and experience with coaching and healing make her someone you want to have in your corner as you navigate the challenges of life.

Trish was born in Canada in 1956 and grew up facing the loss of her grandparents, her father, 2 boyfriends and her first husband before the age of 26. Suppressing the pain and sadness of these losses resulted in physical illnesses that Trish struggled with for many years, until she embarked on her own personal growth and healing journey. Trish now lives, with her husband, on their family farm in Central Alberta, which is also the home of Trish’s healing and training centre. Trish spends her time devoted to her faith in the Divine.

“I honour in you the divine that I honour within myself and I know we are one.”

Deepak Chopra